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How to organise your pantry with The Reject Shop

Have you been putting off cleaning out your pantry ? Has all order been neglected and your cupboard consists of half used food packages thrown together on a shelf? Can’t tell rice from muesli? It’s frustrating, let’s face it!

We’ve all been there friends, but now it’s time to get savvy with your pantry storage and organisation. How, you ask? Open those pantry doors, roll up your sleeves and face that clutter of chips, cashews and cinnamon (and the rest!). Get ready to breath a sigh of relief every time you open your pantry once you follow these simple steps.

What you need:


1. Empty your cupboard

Remove all the dried goods from your cupboard (sugar, flour, rice, pasta) and group together. This way you can count how many jars you will require for organising.

Repeat the same again for herbs and spices. Then, remove your garlic, onions, potatoes, etc and place aside. Once your cupboard is empty, wipe it clean with multi-purpose cleaning spray.

2. Wash your jars

Wash your jars and allow to dry fully before use.

3. Label your jars

Use your own labels or download our printable labels here (featured in image). We’ve got you covered, of course!

Line them up and place in front of each jar to ensure you are labeling the desired size jar.

Stick the labels on using hot glue, or alternatively use printable stickers.

4. Fill your jars

The time has come to say goodbye to torn plastic pasta packets and cereal boxes. Fill each labeled jar with it’s relevant food contents and place on your shelves in an orderly manner.

5. Fill your baskets

Use our baskets to organise your vegetables, such as onions and potatoes as well as a basket for snacks. (We all have a secret stash of snacks!) It’s better to pop these on the lower shelf for easier access when cooking, etc.

Then, step back and look at your awesome work! It’s that easy. Once you see how visually appealing it is and how much easier it is to navigate around your pantry – you won’t ever want it to go back to the mess it was, trust us.

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