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FREE Kids meals at Lone Star

In a welcomed move for families feeling the financial pinch this holiday season, Lone Start Rib House and Brews have announced a special offer that’s hard to resist! As part of their end-of-year-celebrations, children can enjoy FREE meals at Lone Star Rib House and Brews until the end of 2023.

Each kid’s meal is available with the purchase of a qualifying main meal, allowing families to enjoy a range of offering from the Lone Star menu. Known for their signature slow-cooked, Texan style barbecued ribs, and a wide variety of other dishes, including tribute burgers and spicy chili sauce, Lone Star Rib House and Brews promises a taste of Texas right in Australia.

In addition to the menu inspired by a state unlike any other in the US, the restaurant prides itself on its commitment to ‘Texas Hospitality’, ensuring a welcoming and friendly environment for all guests, and ‘that’s bound to put a little hitch in y’giddy-up’.

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